More than satellite: Vannet in new colors

From time to time, renewal becomes necessary. Our environment changes, the economy evolves, our customers change, and so do trends and needs. For us, after about half a decade, the moment for change has come: we have refreshed our logo and along with it, our entire visual identity.

Change is rarely arbitrary, and naturally, this time it carries a message as well. We were among the first in Hungary to venture into satellite internet services and we remain one of the sector’s most important companies to this day. We take pride in our ability to provide broadband internet to any point in the country’s 93,026 km2 within days. With the satellite dish antenna featured in our old logo, we showcased this as our number one service to everyone.

However, in the meantime, Vannet has become much more than just a satellite internet provider.

We have built a wide technological spectrum that essentially covers all solutions suitable for accessing the World Wide Web, from optical cables to mobile networks to microwaves. With this arsenal, we are capable of satisfying any business need. Whether it’s a small downtown office, a production unit processing gigabits of data, or a remote agricultural site far from settlements, we will certainly be able to provide internet access. Moreover, we even assist in building local networks.

Our new logo and colours signify that you can truly count on us in any situation. From the most basic, everyday package deals to leased lines scaled for extreme loads, we can meet all needs nationwide. When it comes to business internet, we will definitely have a good offer for your company too.