Lengvárszky Szabolcs, a Vannet Telekommunikációs Kft. ügyvezetője

With satellite, microwave, wired optical network – it’s all Vannet

Without the internet, there’s no life today, especially for a business, whether it operates in the downtown area or far from the built environment in the middle of a forest. Everyone has different needs, as a large corporation and a small company with a few employees seek different services when it comes to the internet, but technological excellence and reliability are expectations shared by all. These two fundamental values ​​define the activities of VANNET, an internet service provider that offers complex solutions combining various technologies, often not provided by major telecommunication companies, and whose portfolio has significantly expanded in recent years. The ongoing rebranding also expresses the diversity of technological solutions.

“Many know us as the satellite internet provider to turn to when no one else can provide stable internet service because we will surely solve it. While this speciality remains, exciting developments are expected in our satellite business in the coming period, but VANNET has become more complex in meeting customer needs. With the expansion of our offerings, we can now be considered a classic wired and wireless internet service provider, capable of providing office internet, high-bandwidth leased line internet, or even setting up and operating an independent secondary connection at existing or new locations,” says Szabolcs Lengvárszky, CEO of VANNET Ltd.

In addition to their satellite services, they also provide services through wireless microwave technology and wired optical networks. They always strive to find the ideal solution for their customers, a goal reflected in their developments. For example, a company may require a very high level of availability, and by combining technologies, VANNET can achieve up to 99.9% uptime, allowing for a maximum of 4 hours of downtime annually. This is why they started undertaking network construction projects a few years ago, to better meet their partners’ needs. Since their customers prefer having their services in one place, they have also expanded their offerings with Microsoft O365 and cloud solutions, providing implementation and support through their specialized colleagues.

To achieve such a level of complexity at VANNET, stable partnerships, a corporate mindset, and background transformation were necessary. “We are at the end of a multi-year development process, which included changes related to HR, organization, digitization, and investments in telecommunications and other infrastructure. We mostly focused on internal development projects this year, so we expect further growth from 2024,” adds Szabolcs Lengvárszky.

Currently, VANNET serves over 2000 subscribers, including numerous well-known brands and companies ranging from small offices to multinational partners and government clients. The company’s reliability and customer satisfaction with the services provided are best evidenced by the fact that over 90% of their business customers decide to renew their contracts after the expiry of the loyalty period. They do this because they are satisfied with the diversity of technologies offered by VANNET, the excellent personal relationships established with their customer service, the flexibility demonstrated in handling customer needs, or the good reputation of the company, as a significant portion of customers come to them through referrals.

When a company is looking for internet service, VANNET should be the first to come to mind!

(This article originally appeared in Hungarian in the December 8, 2023 issue of Dél-Dunántúli Gazdaság.)