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We built an optical network in a solar park

We have completed the installation of the internal optical cable network and the deployment of internet service at the MET Hungary Solar Park Ltd. in Buzsák. The cable system built by our contractor partners connects the central station of the 77 MWp facility to the inverters regulating the power generation of the solar panels. Finally, we provided internet connectivity for the solar park with our Air Symmetric package. The upload and download speed for this service is 10/10 Mbps.

The optical-cabled internal network and the internet connection with significantly slower bandwidth are essential elements of a remote monitoring infrastructure. In a solar park, there are usually no personnel present under normal circumstances. The panels generate electricity based on sunlight and feed it into the grid. The operators monitor performance and any potential issues online. Alongside real-time monitoring, historical data can also be retrieved.

However, this requires a constant and reliable internet connection. Therefore, in addition to the primary microwave service, we also installed a mobile network backup. If there’s any disruption in the primary internet connection, the backup immediately takes over, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring of the solar parks.

A month ago, we already connected a leased line internet service at MET’s other solar park in Gerjen. The 20/20 Mbps bandwidth ensures 100% guaranteed speed in both directions, with perfect security provided by a mobile network backup here as well.

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