Bekerült a Vannet a Magyar Asztronautikai Társaság Hazai Űrkörkép kiadványába

We’re on the space panorama

The Hungarian Astronautical Society’s publication titled “Domestic Space Panorama” has been released, which Vannet cannot be missing. This biennial collection compiles Hungarian research institutions and university workshops involved in space exploration, as well as businesses utilizing space in some form, with a comprehensive approach.

Although the space industry is not among the most important economic sectors in Hungary, the list contains a significant number of companies and institutions. As the country’s leading provider of satellite-based business internet services, naturally, we have earned a place in the publication.

Our technology is based on a geostationary satellite orbit. The spacecraft above the Equator orbits the Earth at the same rate as the planet, essentially moving together. Therefore, from the surface, it always appears in precisely the same position in the sky. Thanks to this, we can provide a stable and high-speed internet connection to our customers from anywhere in the country, day or night.

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