Network lines could leave off due to taxes on utility

 On the basis of Act No. 168 of 2012 on the utility line tax, as of 1 January 2013, owners of telecommunications lines are subject to the tax.
The basis of the tax is the length of the public utility lines, with the annual levy amounting to HUF 125 (app. EUR 0.44) per meter. New tax causes huge financial strain for telecommunication suppliers thus many of them could leave off in the near future.

New tax means unbearable imposition for smaller corporations because the amount of the tax is beyond their whole incomings. In accordance with the latest survey, almost 170 settlements and 28 thousand families could stay without telecommunication supplier.

What can you do?

Our service means the perfect solution for those all, who will faces future without telecommunication lines. Our satellite internet service is independent from any wired and wireless telecommunication infrastructure. Cabels are not needed so we are not subject of the new tax.
VanNett broadband Internet packages are available literally everywhere and guarantees the same high level of performance in every location, regardless of landscape. From 2013 we offer you brand new packages with raised bandwidth.
With our service you can easy access broadband internet where you couldn’t attain before or the current services have weak sign and low quality.

Feel free to contact us if you need reliable stable Internet connection!

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