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Live stream and video connection helped the participants of the international NFIC conference with the contributon of a start-up company in Pécs. The cardiology conference took place in Krakow on the 9th of December 2016 where participants of the workshop could watch live HD video broadcast of a surgery from the hibrid operating room in Budapest Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Center.

The 18th international conference has been held annually with more than 1400 participants from Europe, Japan to the United States where cardiac case studies, presentations and roundtable discussions were  the focus points. Doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical representatives with the help of satellite Internet service could watch the Semmelweis University’s hybrid cardiac operating room in HD live for a surgery. Thanks to the continuous and smooth broadcast doctors could have felt present in the surgery and immediately reacted to events. Vannet(TM) adapted its service to the workshop tight program plan, to the intervention unrepeatable processes accordingly.

Vannet(TM) service is the brand of RG Networks Ltd. and provides satellite internet and data communication services. The Pécs-oriented SMEs provides stable internet connection via satellite across the country and several neighbouring countries. It is independent from any terrestrial network and signal quality. They contribute special solutions to events like this and other programs, but in addition provides internet service for households and businesses alike in areas without conventional technologies (eg. Optics, DSL, 3G / 4G / LTE).

 The intervention took place of the Semmelweis University Heart Centre’s combined imaging and operating room, called a hybrid operating room, which is unique not only in Hungary, but in the Central and Eastern European region. Doctors performing the procedure: Dr. Zoltán  Ruzsa and Dr. István Ferenc Édes.

The broadcast between the two points – Budapest, Krakow – RG Networks Ltd.’s partner,  Puchardt-Sat Ltd. assured using Vannet(TM) satellite Internet.


Few photos of the conference:

Arrived, all set.


This is how participants of the conference saw the broadcast:










































































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