With Vannet internet thrives on the Shores of Lake Balaton

At a modern accommodation service provider, a stable internet connection has become a fundamental expectation, but high-speed and high-quality service still provide a significant competitive edge. When selecting a place to stay, travelers are greatly influenced by the parameters of local internet access. They often share their good or bad experiences in reviews on accommodation portals. This is no different along the shores of the Hungarian Sea: in order for the campsites by Lake Balaton to serve incoming tourists at a high level, a stable and fast internet connection is crucial for their efficient operation.

Vannet ensures stable internet at two Lake Balaton campsites: both Mirabella Camping in Zamárdi and Aranypart Camping & Apartments in Siófok have opted for our leased line internet service, allowing those looking for domestic relaxation or nature-close remote work to surf the web seamlessly at these accommodations.

The lakeside campsites, typically located far from urban environments, exemplify cases where a company has special needs beyond traditional business packages. For example, if super-fast internet connection, maximum guaranteed bandwidth, or uninterrupted availability is needed, then a leased line is the best choice.

On the campsite premises, the optical cable connection guarantees 100% service, and with gigabit bandwidth, it can fully meet the needs of all guests even when the site is at full capacity, contributing to the positive evaluation of the accommodation and enhancing the attractiveness of the destination.