State-of-the-art satellite technology at professional events

In recent weeks, we showcased the latest telecommunications solutions to domestic businesses at Industry Days and the Hungarian Communications Association’s conference.

Industry Days, which attracts more than ten thousand visitors every year, is the most important national showcase in the field. From the automotive industry to machine tool manufacturers and engineering software distributors, everyone is present and brings with them the latest innovations. Despite the diversity, there is a common feature: regardless of company size and profile, all of them require reliable internet connections. Moreover, unique needs are quite common among them – they need exceptional and continuous availability, and extra bandwidth for normal operations.

Our goal in setting up our booth was to offer solutions for all these needs. We brought services that are reliably scalable, capable of meeting the demands of everyone from the largest multinational companies to small businesses.

At the professional event of the Hungarian Communications Association, we not only showcased the novelty in satellite technology to interested parties but also highlighted the potential they hold in an exciting presentation. Many were impressed by the novelty that satellites can now provide data transmission speeds and response times that are almost comparable to those offered by terrestrial technologies.

If you couldn’t attend the events but are curious about what we can offer your business, take a look around our site and contact our colleagues!