Kaposvár főtere

We have connected the Kaposvár Eastern Industrial Park to the optical network!

We are delighted to have won the opportunity to operate and utilize the optical network of the Kaposvár Eastern Industrial Park, owned by the Kaposvár municipality!

In the developing phase, the 32-hectare industrial park requires an essential element: a modernly developed telecommunications network, which has now become as fundamental infrastructure as water pipes or roads.

While the sizes and scopes of existing and incoming companies vary widely, one factor is indispensable for every enterprise: a stable internet connection.

Depending on the on-site conditions, we provide connectivity between the individual company locations using optical cables. This ensures secure internal information flow and stable internet access. Consequently, both existing and newly established industrial companies can operate their businesses smoothly and serve their clients at the highest possible quality, contributing to the dynamic development of Kaposvár and the region.