lakóautóra és lakókocsira szerelheztő 4G MIFI router

Vannet even during travelling

Our colleagues attended the weekend Travel Exhibition to showcase our special service, which ensures constant and stable internet connection even during motorhome vacations.

The 4G MIFI router, mountable on the vehicle’s roof, and equipped with special GSM and Wi-Fi antennas, is capable of providing high-quality internet connection, reaching speeds of up to 300 Mbps, almost anywhere. The device can connect to 3G/4G mobile networks and available Wi-Fi hotspots in the vicinity. Additionally, it can amplify and distribute the signals of these networks.

This year’s Travel Exhibition prominently featured the Caravan Salon, showcasing a wide range of motorhomes and caravans. These modern and comfortable vehicles allow for hassle-free vacations lasting several weeks, especially when you can browse the internet at broadband speeds during breaks. It’s no wonder that the 4G MIFI router proved popular among vehicle distributors, as many heard about this technology for the first time.