PVSK síház a Misinán Vannet üzleti internettel

PVSK extended the contract for the third time

True champions want always the best. That’s probably why Pécs Railwaymen Sport Club (PVSK) chose us as their internet service provider. As the city’s largest sports club with more than 1200 members, offering high-quality and stable internet connection to their staff, athletes and fans in their facilities are important for them.

We use microwave technology to provide a reliable broadband service over multiple endpoints. Our backup support is also important to them: if they have any questions or problems, our experts are always available and can help quickly.

PVSK recently renewed its contract with us for the third time, which is clear proof of satisfaction.

Thanks to this, in addition to the city’s sports facilities, we can also provide services in a ski lodge at a special location, next to the TV tower of Pécs. Interestingly, one of the weather webcams of Időkép.hu is operating there. Thanks to a stable connection, it provides live images from 0-24.