Frequently asked questions

Where are microwave services available?

Microwave internet is made possible by terrestrial technology, therefore it is only available in certain regions of Hungary. In addition to Budapest, coverage is guaranteed in most cities and settlements of the counties of Baranya, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Somogy, Vas, Veszprém and Zala. If you are interested in our service our technicians can determine free of charge whether your facility can access the desired bandwidth or not.

Which bandwidth can I order?

With our microwave service the bandwidth-packages can be tailored to your needs. Up to 2000/2000 Mbs speed is available, which can satisfy the demands of users working with extremely high data traffic. If you wish to be advised concerning the expected application, our technicians can help you estimate which bandwidth would be the most suitable for your purposes.

Is there really near 100% availability of service?

Yes, we guarantee 98% availability for our conventional packages, and 99,9% for our leased line service. According to minute-accurate technical data in the last seven years the average availability of our service was 99,99999%.

How long does it take to set the connection up in my facility?

In case of microwave service our technicians carry out a free of charge survey within X after placing the order, in order to determine whether the desired bandwidth is available or not. If the result is positive, the set-up is done within 30 days after signing the contract and the payment of any incidental set-up costs, but our technicians can install the necessary equipment in as little time as one week. You only need a parabolic antenna and an indoor receiver, and after they are installed, you can start using the internet right away.

Is setting the connection up really free?

In an ordinary case the set-up fee is HUF 0 indeed, however, incidental extra costs may be charged after the on-site survey. The customer is informed in detail about these before signing the contract.

Which packages come with a fixed IP-address?

All of Vannet’s commercial microwave packages contain a fixed IP address as well.

What do synchronous and asynchronous packages mean?

With synchronous packages the upload and download speeds are the same, while with asynchronous packages the two speeds differ. The suitability of one of the two packages depends on how you wish to use the service.

Should I choose a conventional package or leased line service?

The leased line service does not come with fixed packages and we establish the bandwidth uniquely tailored to your needs, up to 2000/2000 Mbps speed. In contrast, our conventional packages come with fixed packages, which can provide continuous, secure and high bandwidth access on the same level.

What should I do if I have a valid subscription but the internet is not working?

If you experience any kind of service interruption or technical error, please notify us by calling 72/315-331 at any time of the day so that our colleagues may start troubleshooting.


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