vanNet Pro Telemetry Business packages

  • Settling the satellite dish
  • Broadband without phone line
  • Anywhere in Hungary
  • 2GB
    Monthly data usage Technical conditions
  • 2Mbit/s
    max. download speed
  • 2Mbit/s
    max. upload speed
  • Business data processing
  • Using camera systems
  • Faraway avaliability Advices

Pro packages do contain fix IP address.

Kits remain the property of the supplier.

Registration fee: HUF35,900 + Vat
Installation fee: HUF16,500 + Vat

Technical conditions


In the service of medicine

 Live broadcast between Krakow and Budapest on the New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology conference

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They have VannetTM

We participate in many outings as supporters and promote our broadband internet service’s variegation. See our list of references.



Packages for home users

Upon the 1st of February 2017. new, infinite* subscriptions are available! Don't miss it, read it here! 

*information is not complete