What is vanNet?

VanNet is the brandname of the broadband satellite internet service provided by RG Networks Ltd. RG Networks Ltd. is the official distributor of EUTELSAT, Skylogic S.p.a (subsidiary company of Eutelsat) and SES (Astra).

VanNet satellite internet service is available everywhere in Hungary and provides stable, fast internet for households, enterprices, businesses, governmens irrespective of their location.The service is bidirectional, download/upload is fullfilled by the satellite, therefore it is absolute independent from the terrestrial services.

Customers only need electricity and a satellite terminal. The basic equipment contains a small satellite dish (77 cm) and an inside modem (with Ethernet connection), which is connected to a PC or Mac.
Our satellite internet service offers unique and permanent key for those who don’t have internet avaliability or only have weak and untrustworthy sign. It is also a good solution to provide Wifi and full internet coverage in outings and outside programms.

Package for end users

Packages for small and
medium-sized enterprices

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In the service of medicine

 Live broadcast between Krakow and Budapest on the New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology conference

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We participate in many outings as supporters and promote our broadband internet service’s variegation. See our list of references.



Packages for home users

Upon the 1st of February 2017. new, infinite* subscriptions are available! Don't miss it, read it here! 

*information is not complete