How does it work?

To reach satellite internet, the customers only need electricity and a satellite terminal. The basic equipment contains a small satellite dish (77 cm) and an inside modem (with Ethernet connection), which is connected to a PC or Mac.

The datas travel 2 x 36.000 km between the satellite, the center of the provider and the settled terminal. The two-way satellite service’s transfer point is the Ethernet-port of the indoor modem.

The service doesn’t claim proper system. Every computer (MAC, Windows, Linux OS) with network card (10/100 Mbps) and Ethernet connection is able to reach the signes.  (The indoor modem connects with the Ethernet point.) It is not necessary to install any program or software to reach the satellite internet service. (Wireless router can connect with the modem, too.)

Description of the KA-band system:

Satellite KASAT was lauched and installed by EUTELSAT in 2011 to provide broadband satellite internet acces to our customers.

The new satellite service uses KA-band data transfer technology, instead of the previous KU-band data transfer way. KA-SAT is a powerful new platform delivering high-bandwidth services to users beyond range of terrestrial networks.

Customers don’t have to worry of the overwork of the system due to the new spot beam technology. Spot beam is a satellite signal that covers only a limited geographic area in Hungary. Hungary has 4 spot beams. These spot beams allow satellites to transmit different data signals using the same frequency. This configuration enables frequencies to be reused, taking total throughput to beyond 90 Gbps and making it possible to deliver internet connectivity for users, at speeds comparable to ADSL.

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