We offer our service to:

  • households, weekend houses and industrial sites where internet connection is still not available
  • those end users whose GMS phone does’t have stable network
  • who only has week quality of internet service, slow avaliability
  • those, who only get small bandwidth by the local internet supplier
  • who only has untrustworthy, discontinuous internet connection
  • who didn’t find any reliable internet supplier
  • who wants to reach technological equipments (camera, IT tools) from far, but the data transfer is still not solved


Areas of use:

  • Households and weekend houses far from cities
  • Building industry
  • Forestry
  • Hunting
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Trade and manufacturing
  • Telecommunication and IT
  • National Tobacco Shops
  • Tourism, housing
  • Outings, festivals
  • Etc.

Feel free to contact our staff and ask for unique offer!

Packages for end users

Packages for small and
medium-sized enterprices

Business packages Special solutions


In the service of medicine

 Live broadcast between Krakow and Budapest on the New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology conference

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They have VannetTM

We participate in many outings as supporters and promote our broadband internet service’s variegation. See our list of references.



Packages for home users

Upon the 1st of February 2017. new, infinite* subscriptions are available! Don't miss it, read it here! 

*information is not complete